Shot in SD (640*480 60fps) on Xacti hd1000 with a Sanyo wide angle lens.

This took me forever to edit, and then finally when I got it acceptably finished and exported it, I discovered it was an 800MB file!
Oh no - gotta compress like mad!

The extra compression came out well, and the file came down to 103MB (dang! extra compression makes a big difference!).

The only things I changed were the frame rate, key frame rate and restricted the data rate. Final specs:
Frame rate: 29.97
Key Frames: Every 150 frames
Restrict to: 1372 kbits/sec

Of course, encoding was h.264 (even at 800MB).

My only major problem - at these specs, the high speed parts came out really poorly. :(
They looked MUCH better at the original 800mb compression.

Any suggestions how I might find a happy medium that stays under 500mb??


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