The third and last Orange Extreme Sports Weekend is over!

During three summer weekends, more than 5000 people visited our sports town on the beach in Sopot!

The most popular venue was the skimboarding track. Shows by Poland's best performers: Pawel „Fishmak” Sadowski, Piotr „Lisu” Lisiewski, Tomek „Tomo” Wojciechowski and Nikita Polyakov, as well as skimboard school and publicly available boards and free entry to the track, have shown that skimboarding is an interesting and exciting discipline. What's more, the Orange Extreme Sports Weekends have proved that it can be performed by 10- and 50-year-olds alike! All three editions of the Open Skimboard Contest have been great successes, with winners walking off with Rusty professional skimboards and clothes, AKA Uniq clothing sets, and Orange Kino Letnie Sopot – Zakopane 2010 gagdets. The total number of participants was 160, including people from all over the country as well as a few foreign tourists. Also popular were the kitesurfing training courses led by Poland's most awarded performers: Piotr Streicher, Dominik Glogier, Piotr Szymański, Ziemowit Trzciński, Grzegorz Kozakiewicz and Tomasz Janiak. During the last Weekend, for the first time we organized a wakeboarding course, where the motorboat was replaced by a special hoist placed at a far point of the pier. Apart from sports events, everyone could participate in Orange Kino Letnie Sopot – Zakopane 2010 knowledge contest with Samsung Solid B2100 cellphone as the main prize.

Orange Extreme Sports Weekends is a fringe event to the Orange Kino Letnie Sopot – Zakopane 2010, Poland's biggest film event of this summer. For two months, the two tourist resorts have become the undisputed capitals of cinema and extreme sports! Evening film screenings on the Pier and near the Krupowki promenade are highly popular, and the movie hit days attract an audience that tends to exceed the number of available seats by a few times!

You can see the photos and movies from the Extreme Sports Weekends with Orange at our Facebook: gallery and at our website:

See you at the Extreme Sports Weekends with Orange during the next year's edition of the Orange Kino Letnie!

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