“Dawning” takes place at a Northern Minnesota lake cabin where a brother and sister visit their father and step-mom. As the first night unfolds with uncomfortable small-talk and tension, tragedy strikes as the beloved family dog is found mortally wounded. Almost immediately a stranger, potentially under the spell of some un-seen “presence”, appears in the cabin and tells the family that he has come to save them…but from what?

The man’s arrival upsets what at best was only a tentative balance and the pretense at civility begins to crumble. Soon, their lack of trust in each other and their inability to cope with any new pressure exposes their weaknesses and what the stranger has started, whatever is waiting in the dark may finish.

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REVIEW from Will Colby, Editor of Killingboxx.com:

"'Dawning', from director Gregg Holtgrewe, is fresh air in a genre often stuck in a cloying repetitive cycle. Why think of something original? It is much easier to up the ante on tried and true formulaic staples. But Holtgrewe avoids this path and created something unique.

'Dawning' is a beast of imagination that forges ahead, swimming up stream, avoiding the waters of redundancy. This my friends is a film that exemplifies all that is great in independent cinema. When every element aligns perfectly, the end result is a product that easily stands up to anything Hollywood is offering. Gregg Holtgrewe has managed to compete with the "big boys" by utilizing every resource available to its maximum potential.

There are ways around not having any funds to work with and this gentleman seems to have perfected that formula. 'Dawning' is a textbook example of valuable insight into what can be achieved if you have the drive to work hard enough. Knowing his limitations and utilizing a professional cast Holtgrewe has elevated the bar for potential within the independent community."

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