Everyone has dreams. After receiving an unlikely promotion from the mailroom, Edward “Eddie” Black (Casey Washington) is now a step closer to his dream of becoming an executive at Homogeny Advertising.

Eddie meets an eclectic group of co-workers at Homogeny. The entry-level team includes the cocky Brian West, the stoic Jen Roberts, the career-driven Steve Finley, the calculating Miles Winestaple, and his new bosses, Peter Rosenbaum and Kathy Harrigan.

He makes an awkward impression on Rolanda Adams, the confrontational receptionist and has trouble fitting in with his new co-workers. Fortunately, his neighbor, Big Mark, is around to help him “keep it real” and his landlord Mr. Payne is there to push Eddie toward success, since success to Eddie = rent to Mr. Payne.

Along the way, Eddie deals with social expectations in corporate America and in urban life that are as different as black and white. Just one Eddie Black may not be enough to make it in both worlds.

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