One video I've edit for my Advance Storytelling class—Summer 2010—at the Master of Communications in Digital Media—MCDM—, University of Washington.

- Logline: A group of students from the Bellevue and Sammamish High Schools learn how Elections work in the US, what are the different roles that are played, and specially what kind of commitments the candidates need to make in order to be elected.

- Story: Election 2010 is one of the challenges of the AP + class “AP Gov”. This is an experimental project-based program that is instructed in two of Bellevue’s High Schools. During the challenge, the students pick one of the different active roles that take part in a presidential election—party members, candidates, candidates’ teams, media, and influence groups—. Then they take part in a complete electoral simulation, including primaries, scandals that are leaked to the press, final debate... The video includes an appendix with the reflections and impressions of some of the students, as an explanation of the process by the teacher who created the challenge, Adrienne Curtis.

- Crew & credits: Bellevue High School videographers [Camera], Students at Sammamish and Bellevue High School [Two clips from the flip cameras], Scott Macklin [Camera, lightning, and Interview], Katherine Turner [Camera, lightning, and Interview], Anna Pan [Camera], Stephen Brashear [Camera and lightning], Filiz Ele [lightning, production], Susan Mosborg [interview].

Music: 'Hola hola, bossa nova', by Juanitos

- Other info: We also show images from another teacher, Amber Clapp. The George Lucas Educational Foundation—— has financed this video, commissioned by the LIFE Center——.

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