Small Room Tango was created over the course of a marathon of video editing and music composition in my cousin Cory's NYU dorm in January 2004. January 25, 2014 marks the 10 year anniversary of the piece.
This newly remastered edition has improved sound and picture quality.


Small Room tango is an experiment in videomusical technique using nothing but the synchronous sounds and images captured in a piano practice room.

Intended merely as a proof of concept of some ideas I had back in the winter of 2003, this piece went on to be featured in the Best of Optronica, Best of Cologne OFF and numerous other short film and video festivals. It was finally published on DVD by Raum für Projektion in 2007 as part of Loop Pool On Ice, commissioned by the 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

Special thanks to my producer, cousin and camera man Cory Choy.

"Anyone who has attempted this kind of video-sampling-
whilst-letting-the-audio-determine-the-structure will know just how extremely bloody difficult & fiddly it all is. Hats off big time, then, to Gabriel Shalom, who not only makes it look natural & easy but even squeezes poetry from it."

— Michael Szpakowski, co-curator of the DVblog.

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