Why do I love travel so much? I am fascinated by it. I was rumaging through some battered boxes I collected from my parents and discovered piles of documentaries I wrote about far off lands. It made me realised how much what once was a far off dream in now in the clutch of my hands as I fly to different worlds.

My most memorable to date is my Rio trip - every dream I had came true for me there and I am pleased that to this day my fondness for the people and culture is held strong. The most shocking was my time in Athens last year when we were trapped the Greek Coin Museum and there was a riot against police. The most opinion changing was Chicago - the windy city blew me away and I cannot wait to return.

The problem with travels is once you've got the bug that's it! Away you go! Friends and I compete to knock up the countries, our mates follow to clock up the miles! I've managed to get my parents to go further too - I hope I'll get them to Australia.

I love travel because of people, the surroundings and the culture. I can't wait to see more diverse landscapes including the glaciers in Argentina, the forests of the Amazon and the wildness of the African plains.

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