This is another segment from the MECS doco, peace Blake.

Christine Burkhart - Founder of the Make a Difference Charity Australia
Maasai Education and Community Support Kenya (MECS).

Born & raised in Sydney, Christine Burkhart is a thirty-eight year old sales representative with the global pharmaceutical company, Senofi Adventis.
Christine approached a stage in her life where she needed something different, a new challenge, but not just another holiday.

On a previous trip to the wildlife parks of Africa, she came in contact with some of the poorest communities on earth, particularly the people of the Masaai tribes in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya. In particular, she was profoundly moved by how underprivileged the women and children were.

Reflecting upon this, she decided that she would like to do something to help the less fortunate. She did not know which charity she would work with, or how to go about it.

From here her idea began to take shape. A few of her colleagues and friends asked if they could donate. So, with a few thousand dollars as a basis, Christine started a charity - the Make a Difference Charity. She was overwhelmed by the response, and soon she had raised enough funds to realize her vision and go to Africa.

In a Maasai community wrought by drought, the Make a Difference program brought the means through which to build housing and toilets at schools; and also constructing bore water pumps and implementing education programs.

In collaboration with the Make a Difference program Christine developed a Non-Profit organization with Maasai village leader Daniel Sukuda and a Maasai lady Veronica Selena called Maasai Education and Community Support (MECS). This initiative was developed purely to hand over monetary responsibilities; development and support back to the Maasai people.

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