omnivisu was an urban installation at the S/U station Warschauer Straße from july 7th through 17th — Lighttower of »Oberbaum city.«

a glance at the tower.
The tower with its odd glass cube and the unmistakable symbolic character will be given eyes. These are projected onto the glass–front and can be seen widely. The pedestrians on the Warschauer bridge will have the opportunity to participate directly and interactively. A kind of street–art that anybody can influence and use playfully. While one is looking into a showcase, his eyes are seen on the big video projection area at the tower. The »big brother« gets a face withe the mood of the user.

The S/U station Warschauer street is one of Berlin’s most important interchange stations, especially at night. From the Warschauer bridge, a wide panorama over the center of Berlin presents itself and near the bank of the river Spree, where the Berlin wall used to run, the characteristic tower of the former light–bulb industry Narva rises. It is not only a symbol of the desolated GDR–industries, but a relict of the new–economy crash as well as the arrival of MTV and Universal in Berlin

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