The stories and testimonies of 7 people (myself included) to represent the wide variety of struggles within people & the power of relationships.

Christianity isn't about believing in Jesus the man & living happily ever after. Jesus came and died on the cross, rescued us, changed us so that we can come together & change the world by being Christ (Christlike) in our relationships.
Christianity isn't about the "ME & Jesus" but BEING Jesus so that we can spawn others to this awesome, life changing relationship with Christ.
Jesus laid the foundation of the church through relationships and his influence is undeniable because he changed people he met, but change does not save people, people are changed as a result to being saved. First people need to be accepted, as they are, through genuine relationship and then when people meet Christ through us they will have a reason enough to change.

The soundtrack was written by Alex Howard
Please make your life even better than it is and go download their free album.

The song 'Mad to Live' was performed by he and Kara DuBose (in the band currently known as Thus Far. Also currently known as the best band/syncopation of voices and musical talents known to man & I'm not just saying that because I spent a year traveling with Kara and because Alex wrote me the best soundtrack I could've asked for in two weeks. It has nothing to do with my bias & everything to do with truth only matched by the absolute truth we know to be 'the word.')

The end of the film is my favorite part. Alex wrote "Mad to Live" for me after I shared some thoughts about the film that were going in a slightly different direction & some ambiguous directions about where I needed transitional elements in the song. I really love it though because I got all of the footage lined up, chopped some of it, walked away thinking that I was going to have to come back and battle it out with timing and choosing the right clips and then when I came back I played it back thinking I was no where near done and saw a piece that was perfect and out of my hands.
If you don't believe that God works in your life you probably ought to try being unequipped for a task he's called you to, because he will fill in your gaps... and it will blow ya mind!

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