So Formula D, Las Vegas, was something to behold. I only spent $90 during the whole trip but that does not mean nothing happend. Not including the event itself, here's a quick rundown thru a bunch of fragment sentences.
Yelling at strippers/"freelance" women. Yelling in restaurants with the Rowdy crew. Shoes being thrown off 6 floors, and cologne off 14. Our hotel Shark Tank/ Water Slide. Amazing caberat bar with a concert in the alley and xmas lights. Drinking with a lady bartender, having her sext me, then waking up on the bathroom floor to Brad hitting my head with the door. 100* and up weather. Yelling at bums and idiots in M5's. A beard freak out. Staying out on the strip all nite and seeing the sun come up, all while we visit every possibly hotel. Dave's boyfriend in a white jacket. And I don't think I even listed all of it, only becuase so much happend.
But the event itself was amazing. Team Kenda is really transforming into a great team and it's a honor to help when I can on the car. I can't describe how badly I want to work on the car and not film. Congrats to Tyler McQuarrie for winning, and good luck to all my brothers that are pushing for the FD dream.

"Daydreaming" by Jakwob

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