"Salut Kathleen" is animated postcard from the people of a student trip to Burkina Faso, Africa.

This is my first project of this kind. It contains an experimental examination of the country and different techniques made with After Effects. It is generated in the 4th term of graphic design studies in 2010.

00:25 Hello Kathleen
00:40 Ouaga is its own world.
01:12 Wind carries the Sahara's dust here.
01:40 Flashy colored Letterings are yelling from the house walls.
02:15 Smiling people in colorful robes are everywhere.
02:58 The nights are hot and stuffy.
03:38 Hopefully, the air conditioner doesn't fall from the ceiling at night.
04:10 Love,
Carlo, Daniel, Guido,
Larua, Micha, Rouven,
Sarah, Sophia, Tina

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