Bones is an orthopedic sensor cast for capture muscle activities. It is supported by a community-based website for fracture cast users and supporters who track their mobility recover achievements with Bones casts.

After a fracture the patient goes to the Hospital to be analyzed and receive the proper treatment by their doctor. There they are presented to Bones. Every time the user turns on Bones all the muscle activity on the fracture area are captured by electromyography (EMG) sensors and stored in the cast device. Later on this information can be sync to user’s Bones online profile where they have a history of their activities as a simulation of their full mobility recovery time according to their progression and exercising routine. On the website Bones analyse users achievements and suggest exercises for specific locations in order to keep the muscles strains around the fracture area active and reduce their movement recovery time.

Project link:

Cast user: Jennifer Kay

Music: Hold on, by Jet

Directed by Pedro Nakazato Andrade

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