“The sun is hung crooked in the sky
Like a dead father thrown over your shoulder
The girl of fire folds the linens of night
Washes away all darkness and begins the day
With no more tears than a straight pillar of salt.”
-‘Child’s Drawing’ Anne Hebert
Translated by A. Poulin. Jr

In the 100 hour long performance, The Sun is Crooked in the Sky, My Father is Thrown over my Shoulders, I analyzed the dynamics of inter-family relationships in order to arrive at a personal commentary on the history of race mixing in Latin America. Although I respect the efforts of Latin American, Chicano, and “post-Chicano” authors on theories of the Mestizo, I feel that these theories do not reflect my own experience of being mestizo. In this performance I used art as a searching visual aid, and re-discovered the violence that is unavoidable in the history of Mestizaje.

In this excerpt from the 100 hour performance, I have arrange powdered milk and ashes on the floor. Its been about 95 hours of sleeplessness and I am hellucinating, feeling asthough I am channeling something.

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