The chorus was conducted by Paul Caldwell, as Music and Artistic Director of Camp Albemarle. Mr. Caldwell also arranged this much-performed version of the traditional song, Ani Ma'amin, with his frequent collaborator, Sean Ivory.

Please forgive the camera work on this one and pay attention to the violinist and chorus on the soundtrack. I'm painfully aware how dreadful the camera work was.

Hoping to update this blurb with credits for the violinist and other performers. Have misplaced the original program for the concert and only recently got my hands on hardware capable of rendering this material in acceptable quality and within a reasonable amount of time. The truly awful camera work comes from a combination of inexperience and poor pre-planning. The raw elements were shot within the first weeks of my getting the camera, and were compounded by my position (seated) in the audience and lack of tripod or other stabilizing rig -- or the space in which to use them had they been available.

Anyone viewing this who has the original concert program please remind me of full credits so I can update, particularly for the violinist and the narrator (if appropriate).

Performed and taped in August 2006 at Miller Chapel, Princeton, NJ.

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