Chances are you have never heard of Alex Yoder, but thats cool because Alex
Yoder has probably never heard of you. In fact, Yoder isn't really concerned
with a whole lot outside of the utopian shred bubble he has created for
himself in Jackson Hole. Yoder represents a rarity in today's snowboarding
community that demands far more respect than it receives. Young up and
comers who find more inspiration in the riding of the likes of Terje, Craig
Kelly, Johan Olofsson, Bryan Iguchi and the countless other "old guard"
riders. Too many kids look at the Lucas Magoons and Shawn Whites and model
their snowboarding after that. Maybe that attitude is the reason every
online comment board involved with our sport is filled with hate. But that's
not Mr. Yoder. He is humble, hard working, and one of the raddest dudes
around. If you just ripped the sickest line of the day, chances are Yoder
will be the one letting you know how awesome you looked with the white wave
breaking all around you.
After destroying the North Face masters tour last winter and claiming the
overall young gun award, Alex secured his place as a force within the big
mountain community. With the momentum he is generating, in the next 5 years,
Alex could easily find himself sitting amongst the best competitive big
mountain snowboarders in the world. But then again, he could find himself
working nights and riding waist deep early tram laps in Jackson. The outcome
doesn't really matter, because Yoder will be riding just as hard and
passionately in either situation and his character will set him apart no
matter which circle he chooses to surround himself with.
You are truly the man Yoder, cant wait to catch some Jackson face shots
with you buddy!


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