Feel the rush of A/C. Smell the sugar and hot dogs. Wipe the Crystal Lite Slurpee from your mouth. Welcome to CHERYL 7-11. We're dancing our faces off 24/7 for your convenience. Try our new Muscle Milk™ Tiger Beat™ Taquito™.

Need costume ideas? We've got Pepperoni Squigglers and Ham Jazzers. Individually boiled eggs. Chili on tap. (N'oubliez pas the natcho cheez). 5-lb Rice Krispie Treats. 15 flavors of weak coffee. Ed Hardy wine. Bloody cat people. Slim Jims.

Go to your local bodega/corner store and make your costume right there. In the aisle. Then come join us at the Bell House, where we will drink a magnum of Red Bull and see how long it takes us to die.

See you on the DANCE FLOOR.

Featuring DJs Mark Louque, DJ Sicilian Crisssp, and DJ Social Justice

The Bell House
149 7th St. Brooklyn

$5 before midnight, $10 after


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