One thing in life is a fact, our hair projects our personality. And personality is one quality Perry Knuth has plenty of. I met Perry only two short weeks ago when I walked in to his shop on State Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. I watched anxiously as patrons leaned back into the vintage barber chairs and talked about sports, muscle cars, motorcycles and all manner of manly exploits. Memorabilia spanning the 1940′s through the 1960′s plastered the sixteen foot high walls. I knew I was on hallowed ground, I had discovered a man cave to rival all man caves.

An elderly customer in Jerry’s chair—Perry’s older brother—wore a white beard down to his belly and the most wicked pompadour I’ve witnessed in years. I instantly imagined him in a Robert Rodriguez film slashing down fools with a machete spraying blood everywhere whilst riding a gnarly hog spewing flames from it's tail-pipes. This badass of a man told me his daughter was a pinup girl—not surprisingly—after I had mentioned that I like to take photos. He also wanted me to take her photo... we'll see what happens there. Needless to say I could tell that this barber shop was my kind of place.

Perry and Jerry specialize in mens haircuts. A haircut at Perry’s consists of three overall steps. First on the list is the haircut itself, of which I must say really is “good.” Up next is a hot shave with a freshly stropped straight razor to get that perfectly smooth neck. And to top it all off a relaxing shoulder rub to send you on your way. What salon does that praytell?

While some women—and men—may not agree with Perry’s opinion I for one will be returning to his shop for many more haircuts.

If you happen to be in the Salt Lake area and you need a quick shave & cut for a very affordable price walk into Perry’s.

The audio is quite frankly, horrific. Please forgive us our trespasses as this is our first short. We're learning the ropes here.

Cameras - Canon 7D & Canon T2i
Audio - Rode Stereo Mic & Rode Videomic
Lenses - Canon 50mm 1.4, 70-200mm 2.8, Tokina 11-16mm
Music - Ball and Biscut - The White Stripes
Captured by - Kroff & Powell



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