Mark Clayton is seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2008 US Senate race with the goal of defeating fake conservative, lazy Lamar Alexander.


Before we end, we need to warn everybody about a dangerous bill many do not know about in Congress right now It is called HR 980, and it is illegal. All of our law-enforcement need to know about it and reject it, even if it is illegally passed. If you know anyone in law-enforcement, please make sure to get this information to them.

HR 980 is about an illegal expansion of centralized, not federal, power. If passed, states and local governments should ignore the provisions and challenge the law in the courts without delay. Lamar Alexander supports this HR 980 as long as it has his special amendment. I oppose HR 980 altogether and refuse to acknowledge it as law if it is passed. Lamar Alexander also supports “REAL ID” for tracking and hunting Americans, just as long as the federal government pays for it. I oppose REAL ID altogether. I am against prohibiting strikes, lockouts, or the right of unions to call for strikes or lockouts, especially in law-enforcement and especially if the federal government is doing the prohibiting. This bill is a
direct challenge to the 10th amendment. HR 980 is one part of a many-sided policy to expand at great financial cost the shroud of a police state over America under one centralized thumb. The provisions of HR 980, if passed into law, will be managed as efficiently from Washington as the Kremlin managed
the Soviet Union's police force during the Cold War.

So if you want a real posse, who knows what they are doing, representing you in the United States Senate, make sure that this Thursday, August 7th to vote Democratic and for Mark Clayton for Senate.

The message will be loud and clear. President Bush, you are innocent until proven guilty. Osama bin Laden, we’re getting tired of your videos and tapes and we’re coming to get you, dead or alive.

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