Communication and media expert Howard Rheingold interviews Mark Surman about the themes and aspirations of the 2011 Digital Media and Learning Conference in Long Beach, CA, Mar. 3-5, 2011.

Surman, who is a community technology activist and executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, is on the conference committee and is chair of a special conference track on "New Collectives."

When asked to highlight some of the talking points for the "New Collectives" track, Mark offered the following: "Some of the questions we want people to ask and some of the things we'll dig into are: if you think that private, small-scale technology in education--things like Cisco Academies or MCSEs--are not the way that technology education should happen, how do we kinda push that out with new collective ideas?"

"Or, for that matter, if you think universities aren't agile enough, what new kinds of techniques can be used to out-compete them or to help them shift their thinking?" Surman added.

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