This is a tutorial for the beginning 3D Studio Max user.

This is not a general Max introduction, but instead a video focused on showing you specifically how do do the following things...

You'll learn how to bring your reference image into Max as a material, apply that material to a plane, and adjust the mapping of the image on the plane. Lastly I'll cover simple positioning and preparation to begin.

This video does not cover basic object manipulation, view port navigation or other concepts like that, this is video is not intended for intermediate or advanced users, this will all be review for you.

This is my first tutorial, and a bit of an experiment. I learned a lot about the work flow I'm going to use to produce future tutorials.

My next project will be to create the character depicted in this video, including modeling, textureing, hi-poly sclupt / normal map generation and lastly importing the character into Unreal 3. That's a big undertaking, so I can't promise how long that might take, but stay tuned.

If there are any other particular topics you have had questions about, feel free to ask them in the comments and I will try to cover them as I progress with this project.

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Simcity 3000 track 1
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