This lesson consists of providing you with a basic review of the formulas from geometry you will most likely encounter in algebra (and other math classes like trigonometry and calculus). This is NOT a detailed, formal lesson.

Formulas and concepts covered include:

Angles (complementary & supplementary)
Triangles (perimeter and area)
Isosceles triangle
Equilateral triangle
Right triangle
The Pythagorean Theorem
Similar triangles
Perimeter and area formulas for Quadrilaterals (square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid). Some diagonal formulas too, where applicable.
Circles (radius, diameter, circumference, area)
Cube (diagonal of face, diagonal of cube, surface area and volume)
Rectangular box [or Rectangular Parallelepiped] (diagonal of box, surface area and volume)
Prisms (Volume)
Pyramids (Volume)
Cone (slant height, lateral surface area, total surface area, volume)
Cylinder (lateral surface area, total surface area, volume)
Sphere (surface area and volume)

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