Ariana Gillis "Shake The Apple"

This four minute video was shot at Stereo3D Unlimited's studio in Toronto ( using two Arri Alexa cameras, Zeiss Master Prime lenses, the Stereo3D Tango beamsplitter rig, and Dashwood Cinema Solutions's Stereo3D Live calibration/analysis software. Post was completed in Final Cut Pro and After Effects with Dashwood Cinema Solutions' Stereo3D Toolbox.

We had originally intended to just test the Alexa's ability to work in a stereoscopic configuration on the Stereo3D Tango beamsplitter and also test the camera's latitude in various lighting setups. I only had one afternoon available to shoot so I borrowed some random set pieces from various productions around town and set out to light each one in a different style. It occurred to me that it would be the most interesting to have a model walk from set to set without changing the T-stop or shutter and see how the camera reacted in LogC mode...all in one take. I rang up Ariana to see if she would perform a new song for us just to make our test more interesting to watch. The whole crew reacted so positively when we played back the dailies that I figured we should upload it here and share it with the world.

I will post a version with behind-the-scenes shot, uncorrected original footage and commentary so those interested in the technical stuff can learn more about how we did this.

If you are attending IBC 2010 in Amsterdam please visit the Matrox stand (Hall 7) to see this test in 3D on a 46" JVC monitor or the Zeiss stand (Hall 13) to see the Stereo3D Tango rig and the test on a Sony active-shutter 3D screen.

Tim Dashwood

More info and pics here:

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