Animation for the Nation!
You asked for it, so here it is! The Greek Crisis explained in 3 episodes. We didn’t want to have our hands tied when it came to Greek Financial Crisis. It was a joint decision to set them free, and this is what they came up with; the “Greek Crisis Explained” Trilogy. This project was basically assigned by us to ourselves and our brief was happily clear-cut: “Present our very own version of the Greek Crisis”. And the story goes like this; Greece, a young spoiled girl gets devoured by Dept, a humongous monster. EU cannot help Greece out on its own. And when all hope is lost, IMF is brought into play…


Creative direction: Christos Lefakis, Yannis Konstantinidis
Direction / Story: Marilena Vatseri, Manos Gerogiannis, Christos Lefakis, Yannis Konstantinidis
Animation: Marilena Vatseri, Manos Gerogiannis, Christos Lefakis, Yannis Konstantinidis
Lead design: George Xanthos (aka Weirdink)
Additional design: Manolis Mavris
Sound design: Christos Lefakis
Voiceover: Ross Douglas
Production Team: Aristotelis Michailidis, Marianna Papachristodoulou


BACKUP 2012/ 14th Backup Festival, Weimar, May 2012
BREST 2011 / 26th Brest European Short Film Festival, France, Nov 2011
ANIM'EST IAFF 2011 / 6th Int. Animation Film Festival, Balkanimation competition, Bucharest, Oct 2011
OUFF 2011 / 16th Ourense International Film Festival, Spain, Oct 2011
VIEW Conference 2011 / 12th International Computer Graphics Conference / Turin, Italy, Oct 2011
International design exhibition Couleur Locale / Budapest Design Week 2011, Sept 2011
ReAnimania 2011 / 3rd Yerevan International Animation Film Festival, Armenia, Sep 2011
FILE ANIMA+ 2011 / 12th Electronic International Language Festival, Sao Paolo, July 2011
ANIMA MUNDI 2011 / 19th International Animation Festival of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paolo, July 2011
ANIBAR 2011 / Anibar International Animation Festival, Kosovo, Aug 2011
FEST ANCA 2011 / 4th international animation festival FEST ANCA, Slovakia, July 2011
8th San Francisco Greek Film Festival / USA, May 2011
PICTOPLASMA 2011 / Festival of contemporary character design and art, Berlin, Apr 2011
Cartoons on the Bay 2011 / 15th International Television and Cross-media Animation Festival, Apr 2011
Animacall: The animation project 2011 / Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki (CACT), Greece, Mar - June 2011
TDF 2011 / 13th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival “Images of the 21st Century”, Greece, Mar 2011
LISFF2011 / Ljubljana Short Film Festival 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Mar 2011
ANIMAC 2011 / International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia, Feb 2011
International Short Film Festival Leuven / Leuven, Belgium, Dec 2010
ONE DOT ZERO 2010 / Adventures in Motion London, Nov 2010
BALKANIMA 2010 /7th European Animated Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, Oct 2010


GOLD iF AWARD / Moving Images Category / iF Communication Design Award 2011
MERIT / Animation-Motion Graphics Category/ Greek Design and Illustration Awards 2011

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