Created as part of the ABLAZE schools film project, sponsored by Clerical Medical, to get children involved in both a creative exercise, and to learn more about the world of finance.

It didn't win the competition, but it was far and away the funniest and most intelligent of the films.

Written and directed by Stephen Scott Hayward, filmed and edited by Ben Atkins. I provided second camera and general complaining. I'll try to upload a better copy when I can get my hands on the original render.

Coaxing good performances out of some of the children was tricky, but I think it really helped having the bank manager, played by actor and magician, Peter Clifford, since this raised the bar and gave them something to aim for. I think they did very well, some of them extremely well, given the very tight time constraints (less than half a day was spent filming the children). I'm sure more rehearsal time would have paid off in spades.

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