In February 2009 Myself and Dan Chung of arranged to go and film am event held annually in Malaysia. Thaipusam had always fascinated me as a filmmaker. Around 1 million Hindus descend on the Batu Caves just outside Kuala Lumpur for 3 days to pay respect to their Gods in a ritualistic festival where they put themselves into a trance and 'skewer' their bodies and walk barefoot up a mountain.

It was an incredible project to film and was made in part for a training tutorial that helps Photographers new to D-SLR Video understand the demands a filmmaker undergoes on a big assignment like this.

But the real journey here was between Dan and I.

We'd both joined Reuters in 1994, me in Edinburgh, Dan in Manchester - we never knew each other.

What's fascinating is the Dan was a snapper and I was TV an back then the two disciplines were like oil and water, stills wanted one split second image, us TV boys needed sequences. There were generally what we call 'Scrums' at every event.

Now with convergence, the two paths have become more aligned.

Interesting times, stills, video, convergence... what makes film...?

To learn more about the project you can visit

The project was shot on an EX-1 for the documentary, and Dan shot mostly on the 7D and the 1D Mark IV

Fundamentally though It's all about story and interpretation, yes the tools change but people don't and people are what make life interesting.

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