Contains graphical images which may be disturbing to some viewers.

I gave the video the title "Ey!" because there is someone saying "Ey!" in the background within in the first seconds. That is the best explanation I can give, so it isn't very creative, I am afraid. "Ey!" used as an interjection is quite common in German. Roughly translated into English what the man says is "Ey, what are you doing down there?!" The video otherwise contains no recognizable verbal expression at all.

I recorded most of the sounds back in 1999. Some of them I already used for a sound-collage named "RX5 Alltakt" which was broadcasted in the uniRadio-Show "RX5" on 03.05.1999. For the video I added some other sounds as well. I am not sure when I did record these, unfortunately, but considering their content, it must have been in 1996. All the sounds were recorded with intent to broadcast them on radio.

You may listen to the "RX5 Alltakt"-collage if you like, here:

The drawings you see in the video I made even a longer time ago. I made them for a contribution to "Dobermann Rallye" No. 3, a literary periodical, which was published in June 1993. Though I did not use all of the pictures back then, I did this time.

You may have a look at all the pictures if you are inclined, here:

I edited the sounds with Audacity 1.3.12-beta and mixed pictures and sounds altogether with Pitivi 0.13.4.

If you have trouble watching the video, just try this page:

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