This is the third trailer we made for OUVERT 24/7 (taken the first one was early work). This one was edited for "Le Chat Qui Fume" to announce the french DVD release.
The DVD will be released November the 2nd 2010 (11.02.10) in France and benelux.

Synopsis :
Eastern France, in a backroad restaurant.
A waitress is serving kraut and sausage with beer to her customers. The place being opened 24/7, she gets tired minute by minute. Not to fall asleep, she's used to ask her customers to tell tales.

Tale #1- Delphine & Elodie are a regular lesbian couple. They love and quarrel as every couple. Although, there's one thing special about them: their eating habit. They have a special taste for human meat. This will lead two police officers in their footsteps.

Tale #2- Mathilde is one young agitated girl, looking for adventure. Adventure will find her when she starts stalking an ogress. The both of them will learn to know each other through a journey in a sick sad world where fairy tales are not just tales. A vampire killer, a redneck, a rabbi and a Very Important Prince will stand in their way. Not for long.

Tale #3- Living in a French farm close to the German border, Greta & Anette, two father-abused girls have one aim, one dream: escaping to the city, to attend a famous musical. After trying to protect her little sister, Greta kills their father. For the two of them, that's the beginning of a long and hard journey through misery.

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