The iPad: An Early Look at Apple's Latest Innovation
Monday, Feb 22nd, 6 pm

Less than a month has passed since Apple unveiled the iPad and
few technology products have spurred more divergent opinions and
conversations that this unassuming tablet computer.

Some see the iPad as a tremendous new opportunity for businesses.
Others believe the device is doomed to fail. Is it the future of
computer human interaction? Or will people find the system too

To help explore the challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls
associated with the iPad, we've put together a panel of experts
who will tackle questions like:

* If you currently have an iPhone app, what do you need to consider
when making a decision about whether to make an iPad version?

* How will the types of applications on the iPad be different than
what we've seen on mobile phones? Will pricing change? Is there
more or less opportunity for advertising?

* How does the different form factor change the way applications are

* What does the iPad mean for publishers? Books? Magazines? Newspapers? Does
this hint at a way out for the problems media has faced over the
last few years?

* How do web sites need to change to support the iPad (or do they)?

* What does the iPad mean for the future of personal computing?

Come join us to learn from the panel and share your own thoughts
on this next generation device.

The iPad: An Early Look at Apple's Latest Innovation
Monday, February 22nd, 6 pm
AboutUs offices

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