MAXXI, National Museum of XXI Century Arts
Rome, Italy

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Client: Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities,
Fondazione MAXXI and Ministry of
Infrastructure and Transport

This is a museum of paths and routes, as a series of flexible spaces where the curators invent new ways to hang and place the works of 21st Century art that have been collected since inception of the project – and the century. The permeable plaza recreates routes and connections, but also forces you to consider the new context that is created to engage with the activities within.
MAXXI is a building for the staging of art, and whilst provocative at many levels, it shows a maturity and calmness that belies the complexities of its form and organisation. Yet for all its structural pyrotechnics, it is rationally organised as five main suites. The whole is bravely day lit with a sinuous roof of controllable skylights, louvres and beams, whilst conforming to the strict climate control requirements of modern galleries; the skylights orientate and excite the visitor, while turning them into uplifting spaces.

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