This video is Part 1 in a series:
Part 2 (black and white version) in this series - "The Conversation Part II" by Victoria Taylor-Gore

Part 2 (color version) in this series: "The Conversation II" by Victoria Taylor-Gore

Part 3 (black and white version) in this series - "The Conversation Part III" by Victoria Taylor-Gore

This is my new project using vintage 1940's - 1950's Marx toy figures and dollhouses. I'm not sure if this short film is finished...I have more scenes in mind, but may just do some more short films in a series. It just seemed to be enough, and the music has been a great inspiration...Roger Subirana Mata is a wonderful composer, and I love the way the track "The Dark Symphony" changes from optimism to suspense to mystery. My approach is based on a combination of Surrealist film and Film Noir (as far as lighting and 1940's - 1950's imagery). Like most surreal works, my goal is to imply a story...not to provide a literal narrative. New meanings and interpretations are provided by the viewer - strange juxtapositions of images evoke different stories...

Video and editing - Victoria Taylor-Gore

Music - "Dark Symphony" by Roger Subirana Mata
Purchased music license from

Shot with a Canon 7D, Tokina 100mm f2.8 macro lens, Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, used Digieffects Aged Film effects for old black and white movie effect (plus some post manipulation of value in Premiere Pro). And last but not least, my Zacuto Z-Finder Pro-3x which I find essential with macro shots.

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