I must divulge, in all honesty, that this study of math has been spectacular. It has sparked so much of my curiosity and wonder for the natural world in which I live, the geometric perfection with which it is designed and the resilience that the mathematics of nature provides.

This research has informed my understanding of the geometry that is at the core of plant botany. Therefore it feels relevant and resonant with my life interests and passions, hence, my excitement in to the exploration of the intersections between geometry and its implications on growth and life.

I feel Deep Gratitude to Live on This Remarkable, Wondrous, Amazing Planet
Mother Earth.
May Gaia Be Blessed with the LOVE She Deserves For Providing this Sacred Home for All of US.

May all beings be well, may all beings be happy, may all beings be free from suffering.

The Incredible, Moving Music in the Soundtrack for this Presentation is Created by the Amazing Artist, Musician, Composer, and LOVELY Woman, Jami Sieber.
May this music move you also into the mystery and wonder, the depths of beauty and the magic of wise solace that it offers me.

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