DIrected and Edited by JAKOP NAZARETYA of SURREALPHOBIA, Featuring the artworks of OUROBOROS, Interviews with ALI HOSSAINI and BLAKE SHAW.

Ouroboros Features interviews with Ali Hossaini and Blake Shaw of Sweatshoppe regarding their Ouroboros installation. The documentary short was directed and edited by Surealphobia. OUROBOROS is an attempt to bring unification to the mind, body, and world, all of which have been torn to fragments by modern science, industry, and art. The Ouoroboros is the ancient Greek symbol of unity, depicting a serpent that swallows its own tail to form a circle. According to Hossaini, OUROBOROS is about science, art and religion working together. ”Art cannot be science, but it can convey the sense of wonder that drives scientists.”

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