The San Francisco Bay Area offers an incredible diversity of windy conditions all summer long. Often when inland temperatures are hot (90s+) and coastal temps are cool (60s), there is a good chance the wind will blow somewhere on the Bay. One particular location is close to the North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. When tide, wind direction and air temperatures align just right, this place is magical for shortboarding. And with amazing views from the water, San Francisco is arguably the most scenic sailing city in the world.

On one warm day in early September, I set out to capture a few new camera angles and compare the image quality when shooting the GoPro HD camera at 30 vs. 60fps in choppy water conditions. Without using any stabilization software, it was clear that the higher frame rate (slower motion) helped smooth the look of an otherwise frenetic image. This video was shot entirely near the North Tower (launch at Fort Baker), which is on the Marin County side of the GG Bridge.

Wind speed: 20 - 25 knots
Surface tension: choppy water, 1-2 ft. swells, 3 knot ebb tide
Air temperature: ~67 degrees

Sail: North Sails 5.0 Duke (freestyle wavesail)
Board: Mistral Syncro (92 liters)
Accessories: Dakine harness

Water / P.O.V. / time lapse: GoPro HD Hero
Land-based: Canon Digital Rebel T2i and Canon 5D Mark II

Music: "Take California" by Propellerheads (myspace.com/pr0p3ll3rh34ds)
P.O.V. cameras / editing / windsurfing: Ian Boyd
P.O.V. camera mount maker: Wayne Boyd
Land-based windsurfing video: Walt Denson (waltdenson.com)
Voicemails / North Tower local knowledge: Rob Howard (bikeskills.com)


Related video - Golden Gate GoPro: vimeo.com/ianboyd/goldengate


More projects @ kontain.com/ianboyd


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