I was lucky enough to attend the opening of Carol Nelson
and Gemma Lawlor's Peanut Butter Morning exhibition in Bridgetown this weekend and take a few shots of the evening for them. What an absolute awesome collection ladies, just so very well done. I really am NOT a wordsmith, so I hope to get a transcript from the opening speeches shortly so that I can do just what they have presented justice.... Stay tuned.....

From their Blurb Book...

Peanut Butter Mornings begin in the quietest moments of the day,
the magical time before dawn breaks.
Two friends steal into the darkness.
They have two cameras, two cups of coffee, two pieces of toast each,
one tartan tea towel, one knife, one roll of toilet paper and one jar of peanut butter.
Heading out on cold winter mornings, not really knowing where they are going
but always knowing when they had got there.
This is a story of adventuring, exploring our place, our land, ourselves and our cameras.
by Gemma Lawlor and Carol Nelson

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