Matt Cranstoun performs "These Tires" with Chris Michael on bass at Rockwood Music Hall on 8/18/10. Sam Day filming.

written by Matt Cranstoun

These tires, as bald as I'm sure to be someday
These wires, exposed and dangling free
But I like it that way, what do my wandering eyes see?
Hopefully something better, something bigger
Something brighter, something sweeter than
This foreshadowed laughter

As a child, I set endless fires under this bridge
And these tires, kicked so much sand in the air
And I might've waited for you to take off to grab hold,
And I'll cling tighter, the higher and higher you go...

Tonight I'm gonna walk that tunnel
All the way home back to Jersey
Gonna visit my grandmother
I hear she's not getting around so well on her own
I think I could do something more
Maybe she would just like me to sit with her a while
Take me swift don't take me slow
If I get a choice I'd rather go sooner than later
Before my body starts fading,
Before I feel like all I'm doing is waiting, waiting, waiting
For the end...

Now he's retired, with still some good years left in his life
Except he finds her a better waitress than a wife

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