Animating takes a long-ass-time. With Flash, you can place many instances of the same movie clip on the stage and they can move independently of each other on a tween. But getting objects, people or animals, to move realistically is very tricky and time-consuming. I don't know how animators who do this by hand ever have the patience to draw every single nuance of movement.
Here I created a small loop of a character exploding on the stage. Each frame is drawn freehand and lined up sequentially in the timeline. No tweens here. Hence the choppiness of the progression to the end of the loop.
I experimented with some hand drawn vignetting around the edge of the stage also. I think I made about 5 or so radial gradations in Photoshop, placed them on the timeline, and misaligned them purposefully to give an old film project flicker. (I notice the transfer of the file to video rendered this effect not as pronounced as in the origingal .swf). This vignette idea would later prove cool enough to me to add it to some other projects.
The arrows were inserted just so I could test to see to produce an inertia effect in a movie clip. (Notice the slight recoil as the arrows return to their original position).
And soundtracked with some Detroit-style techno, of course.

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