Canon 5D MKII
Zeiss 50mm 1.4
Optefex 2mm Streak Filter

Ok so for awhile now I've been dying to get some kick ass streak flare effects to put in little pieces I shoot and Music Videos but...its taken me a good while to find some. I've done the fishing wire trick, threading material, the lot ha.

Now theres no more messing around..anyone interested in this look theres no need to go anywhere else.

A great and very helpful company called Optefex / The DOP Shop do these amazing Star/Streak filters as well as many other products. I came across them and at the time they only did 4x5 filters and my mattebox is 4x4, they cut it down to 4x4 and sent it out so fast I was very impressed since they are based in the US.

Hope this quick test helps you decide and please check out the company below:

Optefex Filters

P.S (sorry for the cheesy sounds) haha

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