jotta curated live visuals at this year's Latitude festival, August 2010.
Each night, when the music came to a close, ‘Music Without Sound’ began: a sublime projection display that hovered above the lakes at the centre of Latitude on a wall of water. This unique ground-breaking technique produced a giant hyper-holographic 3D image.

After receiving some 50 responses to a call-out for video artists on, jotta worked with Fallon to pick the 10 best artists who we then commissioned to create moving-image work especially for 'Music Without Sound'.

The artists were given one main unifying rule - a 72 bpm rhythm to follow, the average human resting heart-rate. Over the span of three hours of each night of Latitude Festival, Fallon and jotta created a live VJ mix of ten artists' work, projected across water alongside Fallon's own installation-specific visuals.

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