"8mm Soul feels like a childhood memory, a woken dream about one's past, impressions reinforced by the brownish coloration of the film stock, but also the multiple fades tying disjoined locations into a stream of consciousness. In this piece, sound use is more conventional; like an out of tune music box, the notes float in and out of the images, layering on the visuals the melancholy of their silent sorrow. The visuals are less about the articulation of a micro-narrative than the materialization of a state of mind. The found footage becomes for Nick Benidt the occasion to revisit his childhood, yet with the eyes of a stranger, whoever filmed those reels with which the artist draws an intimacy he can call his own and from which your own can only differentiate itself: “I used to have a red outfit, just like the one the kid wears. (...) My parents would dress very similarly to the adults in this piece, and I used to have glasses exactly as those you can see one of them wearing. In this shot, you can distinguish someone coming back from graduation; watching the film you cannot tell of course, it is something I came upon while watching the whole reel from which I took this shot. Images transcend language; you could speak Japanese and still sense what I am trying to communicate here. It means something to see this old person run away from this younger one, coming from the same part of the screen...” (Id.) What it meant at the moment of its piecing together lingers as just a fading impression of what it meant at the moment of its capture, and discreetly becomes something else experienced with different eyes than those of its maker. In this process, it communicates feelings, and transcends language. It is the beauty of silent sadness. It is becoming."

Excerpt from; Just another freak in the freak kingdom: From Fantasia to Decasia, the live art of VJ Bandit by Paul Mélançon (MFA in Film Studies from Concordia University)

Original Score composed by Groj

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