It is one of the inescapable conditions of humanity, perhaps second only to the propagation of the species – fighting. Whether is was Zog battling Crog for the caveman’s fire or full on war between armoured armies, we humans fight.

REAL FIGHT CLUB is an in-depth examination of the social and cultural impact of one of the newest forms of this human condition – fighting for the sake of fighting – or in other words, for sport. Men (and more recently, women) have always squared off against each other, but it is now happening at an unprecedented level. Television, the Internet, and video games have made personal combat accessible to everyone.

To understand the impact on our society, morals, health and culture that this explosion of fighting is having, we will document Albert Doxtater and his journey to overcome racism, sexual, drug and alcohol abuse through mixed martial arts (MMA). Today, obstacles still stand in Albert’s way as he battles the government to legalize the sport that saved his life.

The film will chronicle this ongoing battle as the narrative arc to introduce the myriad of social, health, moral and financial issues from both sides of the equation that fighting for sport and money creates.

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