Record strangers' voices on a train to feel closer to them.
I am pessimistic about crowds and optimistic about individuals.
I keep photos of my ex's as children in my wallet.
I asked the employee guy in the drive through to share my order with me.
I took a portrait of my alcoholic neighbour watching television through his lounge room window.
I listen to Tom Waits while making tomato soup and smoking a pipe.
I write all my secrets on my eye lids.
I asked a handsome stranger to write their name on my underwear.
I let a little boy cut my hair.
I don't tie my shoe laces, but I brush my teeth.
Go at 2am into the neighbours yard, and rip down all their old Christmas decorations.
Smell all the fresh fruit at the supermarket.
Spend all the money you have in your pocket on a child.
Tell a small girl to be brave.
Tell her Father to be scared.
Tell the hairdresser to fix you.
Tell the waitress that her bruised eye is beautiful.
Ask the taxi driver to take you somewhere safe.
Wait a moment until you tell him you have a gun.
I want to be in love and own a florist.
Tell an elderly couple you feel sexy.
Shake their hands.
Run away with a stranger.

T2i Canon 550. Efs 17-55mm.
"Skinny Love"- Bon Iver

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