Although we were allowed 17 days to complete the film, we wrote, shot, and edited everything in 3 instead. The idea for the short came from a mix between a literal interpretation of the song, and a spin on the husband and wife, secret mistress affairs of the 1960's. We spent most of our time aiming for a specific look, and I think we really stood out as a well polished unique film. We felt that the song lent itself to the story, and vis-vera, creating a film that anyone could comprehend, even without the music. A real story first and foremost, and a music video second.

The emotion and heart of the film would not have been possible without our star, the insanely talented and beautiful Dagny Looper. Who is not only a strikingly gifted actress, but an accomplished filmmaker in her own right. I highly recommend you check out her work in her latest film on which she has producer credit :: Brass Knuckle Ballad -->

Special thanks to the owners and employees of our filming locations for being so accommodating and encouraging ::
Gecko Books & Comics (12th Ave. Kaimuki)
Coffee Talk (12th Ave. Kaimuki)

You can read more about the making of my film projects on my blog ::

web ::
email ::
twitter ::
blog :: blog.umiworkshop
vimeo ::

Starring ::
+ Dagny Looper
+ Carol Lyan Batinga
+ Ryan Richardson

Director ::
+ Jon Lewis

Director of Photography ::
+ Ryan Richardson

Writing ::
+ Jon & Ryan

Editing + Color Timing ::
+ Jon Lewis

Makeup ::
+ Carol Lyan Batinga

Special Thanks ::
+ Gecko Books
+ Coffee Talk


Umi Workshop 2010

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