This is Howling Orion Productions. For those who don't know me, My purpose here on youtube is to show people the true nature of wolves. I want to eradicate the hate and fear people have of these wonderful creatures. The video that caused my account to close was my 200+ subscriber video. I will try to find a way to re-upload it onto this account. This video shows the lifestyle of wild wolves and how majestic they really are. Wolves are still being persecuted in the United States and they need your help! Go to for more information.

Love wolves? Want to learn more about them? Go to,_gray.php# for everything you've ever wanted to know about the Wolf.

Currently the world population of wolves is only 200,000. That may sound like a lot, BUT this is nothing compared to the 2 million wolves that used to roam free on this planet. People need to realize wolves need our help. You can help by donations or even just by watching and sharing videos that show what wolves really are. Thank you, and enjoy the video!

Song: Free
Artist: Reilly
**Reilly is a new Christian band from Philadelphia, PA. If you like this song check out their website,**

-This video is purely fan-made and in no way associated with the musical artist in any way. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES OR CLIPS-

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