We've been frustrated for some time with mobility companies slowness in updating their routes and schedules. There's also an unwillingness to share their realtime GPS data so, there's a huge problem we as citizens face when we want to go from one place to the other and have that information readily available in one place.

What if we gave everyone the possibility to add/edit urban mobility routes and realtime positioning of its vehicles? This is what UrbanFlow is all about.

UrbanFlow is a tool for urban mobility management. We think that by giving the means to collaboratively add our own urban mobility networks to the cloud, we can all rely on better and up to date routes of multimodal transportation.

People can obviously vote on the quality of the data being added to the system, making it sustainable.

Data portability is also a worry we have, so we support an open standard format created by Google named Keyhole Markup Language, or KML. But our main purpose is to feed Google Maps, making it available to everyone through the already awesome Google Maps geographic dataset.

Using available GPSs on our cell phones, we can track these vehicles in real time, and since we have the routes we don't have GPS mislocationing, so ultimately, everyone has the ability to know where they are and improve our quality of life.


Special thanks:
@chomponthis / jorgeoliveirasantos@gmail.com
@crsantos / carlosricardosantos@gmail.com

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