SHED³ (IMMIGRANT LIGHT) (working title)

Christina McPhee 2010

Timelapse video draws a spatial study of immigrant light across ephemeral linear abstract drawings.

EMPTY CUBE will shelter ephemeral archive of the drawings in the shed over time ; the empty cube holds the shed cube (SHED³). Inside the shed cube, immigrant light (a video)is a long-duration compressed recording of the heliotrope (the diurnal solar passage through the shed) created by the architectural condition.

Re the shooting strategy for the video 'Immigrant LIght':. As the camera follows the path of the diurnal solar movement through the day, it captures video of drawings on the walls of the shed. New drawings, meanwhile, are in process, but you never see me making them. They are made while the camera is looking the other way. Then only the drawings appear. The sounds of drawing are audible in the film as compressed audio. The procedure for making the drawings becomes an offscreen, anticipated pleasure.

A compressed time image of three hours (180 minutes) duration documents light through the drawings, as they shift and form clusters through an archive of 30 shooting days (ten times the length of the cinematic image in the cube).

in spatial installation, the video draws the space of the drawings. As document it records them as an time-image archive of their spatial condition. The footage is an spatial cinema that holds or shelters the ephemera of the drawings as they unfold in the shed space.
EMPTY CUBE becomes a shed (barraca) to shelter the drawing-shed archive.

Inside EMPTY CUBE, the video work can appear in the rectangular format as a stripe / strip through the center of each of the four interior walls.

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