On the 3rd July 2010 Tom McShane and his assembled band congregated in the Oh Yeah! Centre in Belfast to record his debut album within two live sessions held in front of a small audience. This wasn't a live album per se as the audience where there to bring the special atmosphere that can only be generated by performing to a crowd. The tension was raised further by the banning of over-dubs and attempts for each song being restricted to one per session, of which there were two.

The audience were also present in order to help create the album. On "A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea Part 2", featured here, the audience take up the role as choir and help create the one-off special moment that is captured. This film discovers the inspiration for the records concept, the influence the unique settings had on the albums sound and production and the effect the recordings success holds for songwriter Tom McShane.

After abortive attempts at recording an album in 2008 resulted in a loss of passion for making music. 2009 saw a musical pilgrimage to the USA for a number of solo shows reinvigorate and inspire Toms desire to create. Followed by further shows in London and the assembly of a new band, 2010 saw this difficult album recorded in under four hours.

The songs that feature here are:

1. The Water
2. Ural Winter
3. Personal Narrative of life at sea...part 2
4. My Nadir
5. Private Rooms

All of these songs feature on the forthcoming album which is being released very soon. Keep updated at tommcshane.co.uk

Directed and Edited by Babysweet Sessions.
All footage and Audio captured by Gregg Houston and Kevin McKeown.


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