for the 2010 NFL combine, the sm team headed down to indy and produced three same same edits throughout the event. we have done quite a few same day edits at weddings before but these were are first in a sports environment. these edits were to air within a live television broadcast on the nfl network, so we had a little added pressure there.

we generally started filming around 10-11am each day and the edit went on air at 7pm, meaning we had to run it out to the truck by 6:15 so they could review it and cue it up. all of these pieces were shot entirely with the MKIV and 7D EOS cams, we worked with the native footage to pull out our selects, and then transcoded into pro-res for the final edit. as these were going to television that night and would be replayed that way over the following weeks, we wanted to preserve the integrity of the footage as much as possible, so that meant processing everything in apple color. while other options do a good job and are quicker - especially important in a same day turnaround environment - nothing seems to quite compare to the quality of the final render from apple color.

one other pretty cool fact is that almost all of this was done with our trusty manfrotto monopod. it is pretty special when you can film something for the NFL with a set of EOS camera, prime lenses, and do most of the heavy lifting with a monopod and still get results like this. please forgive the slow opening and long ending, those are just bumpers to roll the piece out when going to air.

hope you enjoy this short piece. we surely had an awesome time putting them together. thanks to the NFL network for allowing us to share their footage here.


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