Capital Elector Editor Jason Daniel sits down with Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo At her new campaign Headquarters to discuss the Second Half of the 08 Campaign.

What makes Heather Fargo Tick as the Mayor?...Fargo's Volunteer Work with the SPCA...The Mystique of how people believe that She and KJ won't be in the same room together...She and Kevin's Appearance at the Yes on Prop 2 Event...Her Part in "The biggest Spay Day in the Nation"...What are the Real difference between you and Mr. Johnson?...Her Efforts to affect larger social issues in Sacramento Using the Power of the Mayor's office...How important are social issues when voters are choosing a Mayor...Does she see this as a historic election for Sacramento?...Kevin Johnson's "Threebates", Should she dodge his debate challenge right back?...Fargo Invents the phrase "Blog-Off" when we brainstorm a Debate the Capital Elector could host...I call out the local Bloggers for not reaching out more to the Mayoral Campaigns...

Fargo in Part 2:

"What makes me tick is making the City Better."

"I think that (Our individual stances on Gay Marriage and Abortion rights) are differences, because it has to do with what we believe in an what we Will support.

"My experience in working with Neighborhoods is a difference...I think my experience is the difference and I think there's some value to someone who's actually has been around the block a few times in dealing with these tough issues.

"He appears to have attracted a lot more of the Conservative element here in Sacramento."

"The democratic party did select me as there candidate, im the one their backing."

"The one thing you have to have as mayor is a pretty thick skin."

"People know what their getting with me."

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