‘Painting is superior to music because, unlike unfortunate music, it does not have to die as soon as it is born…Music which is consumed in the very act of its birth is inferior to painting which the use of varnish has rendered eternal.’ (Trattato I, 29)

However, music nowadays has developed its varnish. It has become eternal because of the technological evolution of recording machines which are materializing its form. Those that own recordable devices can experience the image of Music over and over again so that music as visual images become an illusion, a sensible experience that entails movement.

As light, Music is spread away in the space-time and as experience, Music occurs in the event of its becoming. Nowadays as cinema and other types of visual representations, its varnish opens infinite possibilities for it; quoting Deleuze, being “that which has just happened and that which is about to happen, but never that which is happening”1.

In this video, Light acts as the varnish of the image behind the darkness. Light follows while revealing a slow motion dance that, even though, behind the darkness stills happening. Thus, a constant movement is present in the image and this is understood as the happening which also is the event as well as the experience of image, whether musical and/or visual.

1. Quoted from Badiou, A. 2007. The Event in Deleuze. Parrhesia No.2: 38.

Link to Goldsmiths, University of London MA Digital Media: Technology and Cultural Form (Practice pathway projects):

Exhibition day Sep.16th, 2010

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